Important details regarding eCheck Processing:

  • Participating banks

We deposit 3 times a week to the following banks: Bank of America,  Capital One, Chase, Citi,  M&T Bank, PNC Bank, Santander Bank, TD Bank, Wells Fargo

  • Basic requirements

You should have a working website with US Customer Service Number, you should be in business for at least 6 months, and you should have a minimum of $15,000/mo in sale,

  • Startup program

If you have less than $15,000/month in sales or less than 6 months in business you can apply for our Startup Program. This requires all minimum monthly fees of $649.99/month to be paid upfront each month until you reach $10k/monthly sales.  

  • Documentation Requirements

You must have: 1. Completed & Signed Merchant Application 2. Scanned Color Copy of Drivers License or Passport - Front & Back of Driver's License for ID 3. Proof of Company Address - Either a utility bill or bank statement ONLY, not older than three months 4. If Incorporated supply complete Articles/Articles of Association 5. Copy of Pre-Printed Company Check or Bank Letter 6. Fulfillment Company Details 7. Six months of most recent Bank and Credit Card Processing Statements

Important details regarding Credit Card Processing:

- Merchant processing requires credit check, personal guaranty, and bank underwriting
- Tax returns and bank statements may be required. Click to see full documentation requirements.
- Bank statements must show balances that equal the daily volume requested.
- Must be in business for at least 6 months
- High chargebacks will result in termination
- High Risk Industries including Direct Marketing, Collection Agencies, Tech Support, etc.
- Not sure if your business is prohibited? Click here to see full list.

Compare our Verification solutions:

  • Basic verification ☆

Routing/Account Number Validation, Negative Balance/Closed Account Warning, Fast Customer Checkout Speed, Good Bank coverage, Good Return Rate reduction, Merchant/Customer Enters Payment Info for Check Data Entry Method

  • Funds confirmation ☆☆

Routing/Account Number Validation, Negative Balance/Closed Account Warning, Confirm Customer Account Balance, Fast Customer Checkout Speed, Better Bank coverage, Better Return Rate reduction, Merchant/Customer Enters Payment Info for Check Data Entry Method, Funds Availability Response Codes

  • Bank authentication ☆☆☆

Routing/Account Number Validation, Negative Balance/Closed Account Warning, Confirm Customer Account Balance, Validate Bank Account Ownership, Instant Account Balance Confirmation, Eliminate Human Error From Data Entry, Fastest Customer Checkout Speed, Best Bank coverage, Best Return Rate reduction, Customer Enters Online Bank Login for Check Data Entry Method, Sufficient Funds Needed to Make Payment

Additional Solutions from SeamlessChex.

We are a full service payment processor offering eCheck Processing, eCheck Verification, and Credit Card Processing. If you send or receive payments, we have a solution for you.

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Our Services

eCheck Processing

eChecks with deposits directly into your bank account. Quick Setup. No Credit Checks. No Contracts.
Pricing Starts at
$150 per month + 2.5% + $0.50 per check

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Simple Pricing
24 hour approval
Startup program
Quick setup

Credit Card Processing

Accept Credit and Debit Cards for in store and online. We specialize in hard to place ecommerce businesses.
Pricing Starts at:
$25 per month + 2.75% + $.15/transaction

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Same Day ACH
Simple API
Online Application
Mobile Payments

Basic verification

You or your customer enters payment info manually or using the payment link. We alert you if the account is closed, has a negative balance, or is invalid.

Included in all plans

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Verify Customer ID
Confirm Balances
Authenticate Accounts
Transaction History

Funds confirmation

Your or your customer enters bank info and we ping the account for a balance confirmation response. Enter by 12pm EST and receive a response by 5pm EST.

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Bank authentication

Instantly verify bank account ownership and account balances using a payment link where users are prompted to enter their online bank username/password.

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